Membrane Switches, Control Panels, and Keypad Panels

Modern and durable solutions for versatile applications and challenging environments.

Membrane Switches, Control Panels, and Keypad Panels

A membrane switch is an electronic switch that relies on the flexibility of a thin membrane or film material. It can operate based on pressure, touch, or bending.
Membrane switch technology provides a reliable interface solution with a wide range of applications. The sealed structure of the panels offers protection against dirt, moisture, temperature variations, and chemicals.
Membrane Material: Inside the membrane switch, there is a thin membrane material, typically made of flexible material.
Bending of the Membrane: When the membrane is bent or subjected to pressure, the conductor elements on the surface membrane and the circuit membrane make an electrical contact.
Applications: Membrane switches are often used in electronic devices such as keyboards, remote controls, and other control systems.
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Industrial Environments icon
Industrial Environments
Membrane switches are durable and provide protection against dirt, moisture, and other environmental factors, making them ideal for industrial use.
Automotive Industry icon
Automotive Industry
Membrane switches are used in car control panels where durability and reliability are needed.
 Consumer Electronics icon
Consumer Electronics
Keypad panels are popular in user interfaces for various consumer electronics such as home appliances, audio devices, and remote controls.
Pharmaceutical Industry icon
Pharmaceutical Industry
Electronically printed structures on membranes can be utilized in pharmaceutical equipment and accessories. One example is disposable electronic devices used for sample analysis in the pharmaceutical industry.
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Overall, membrane switches and related control panels and keypads are versatile and practical solutions that address the challenges posed by modern technology and demanding environments.
Their reliability, durability, and customization capabilities make them an attractive choice for a wide range of use cases.

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Patterns that withstand abrasion and wear excellently

In controllers manufactured with membrane switch technology, graphics are implemented in an exceptionally durable manner. All pattern and color printing is done on the inside surface of the membrane, effectively protecting them from mechanical wear. This ensures that the appearance and functionality of the controllers remain top-notch for a long time.
The choice of membrane material has a significant impact on durability. We use specially treated polyester film, which guarantees excellent UV light and chemical resistance. This is especially important when controllers are exposed to challenging environmental conditions or are frequently used in industrial and other demanding applications.
We invest in high-quality materials and a precise production process to ensure that the controller and keypad panels we manufacture meet even the highest quality requirements.

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