Die-Cut Tapes

Ease and reliability for a variety of installations.

Ease and Reliability for Various Installations

Die-cut tapes are a convenient and versatile solution for various fastening needs. Choosing the right tape is crucial to ensure secure attachment in different applications.
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When we know the answers to the following questions, we can choose the right tape for each specific need:
Which material surfaces need to be bonded together?
Different materials require different tape solutions. From our range, you'll find a wide variety of tape options suitable for bonding different surfaces.
Should the tape be clear or a specific color?
Our tape options include both clear and various colors, allowing you to choose the tape that best suits the intended use and visual appearance.
What kind of conditions does the bonding need to endure?
Conditions such as temperature variations, humidity, chemicals, or UV radiation can affect the tape's performance. We offer tapes with excellent durability in various environmental conditions.
What shape, thickness, or width should the tape be?
We provide tapes that can be cut and die-cut precisely to your desired shape, thickness, or width, ensuring they fit perfectly for your specific application.
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A wide range of different thickness tape options and adhesive types are available to meet various needs. We also have the expertise and equipment to cut and die-cut tapes into any required shape, so you can trust that you'll get exactly the tapes you need.
Reliable and easy-to-use die-cut tapes are an excellent choice for many installations and fastening needs. We have been in the industry since 1992, so you can rely on our expertise and high-quality products.
We collaborate with our customers from prototyping onwards to ensure the tapes are a perfect fit for each application. All our products are manufactured in our own factory in Turku, providing flexibility, high quality, and reliability.

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Double-sided tape has a wide range of applications - A versatile and user-friendly fastening solution

Double-sided tape is an extremely versatile fastening solution widely used in various industries.
Its applications range from the machinery and electronics industry to furniture, footwear, and garment industries, as well as various installations.
Advantages of double-sided tape compared to traditional fastening methods such as screws or gluing include its suitability for tight spaces and ease of installation. It can replace other mechanical fastening methods and provide reliable attachment for a variety of materials and surfaces.
One of the most significant advantages of double-sided tape is its suitability for thin fastening solutions, such as attaching multiple layers or materials on top of each other.
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Tape grades must be carefully chosen to meet the needs of each application. We offer a wide range of different double-sided tapes that can be selected to provide the right fastening solution for various applications.
Trust in our long-standing experience and expertise. We have been in the industry since 1992 and know how to select the right tape for each application. We offer high-quality double-sided tapes that are suitable for various industries and demanding conditions. You can rely on us when you're looking for a versatile and reliable fastening solution for your products.

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