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Our manufactured membrane switches, keypad overlays, equipment and logo plates, or branding stickers can be found in various applications and environments, both indoors and outdoors. Our goal is always a satisfied customer.

Our customers

Our customers are of paramount importance to us, and their satisfaction is always our goal. We manufacture high-quality membrane switches, keypad overlays, equipment, and logo plates, as well as branding stickers, which are visible in various settings and environments, both indoors and outdoors.
We understand that our customers require versatile and reliable products that can withstand challenging conditions. That's why we invest in the quality and durability of our products to ensure their longevity and functionality in diverse environments. The high quality and durability of our products guarantee that they maintain their appearance and performance even in demanding operating conditions.
We always collaborate closely with our customers to ensure that our products fully meet their needs and expectations. We are ready to listen to our customers' specific requirements and provide tailored solutions for their projects. We continually strive to improve our products and services to better meet our customers' needs.
We take pride in the fact that our customers choose us as their partners and trust in the quality and reliability of our products. Our goal is always to provide our customers with the best possible service and products that meet their expectations and requirements. We establish long-term partnerships with our customers, and their success is a source of pride for us. By choosing us, our customers can rely on receiving high-quality and dependable products, as well as professional service in every project.

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Flexibility and Solution Quality. In general, their customer focus is top-notch. Whether it's a problem or any other matter, they address it immediately. They exhibit a level of customer-centricity that everyone talks about but very few actually deliver..

Petrus Gottberg, Labmaster

I would say they are very collaborative, up-to-date, and when the end result is delivered, it's as good in quality as it was originally conceived. The quality is something to be proud of.

Matti Tarvainen, Hedengren


At least flexibility – if we've needed something to be expedited, it has been considered and responded to according to the situation, which has honestly worked out very well. Delivery reliability has been at a high level; we haven't had to inquire about deliveries.


That partnership, where we are equals and, specifically, their expertise. The ease of communication doesn't have to be bureaucratic and rigid. Things get done easily. Their understanding of our business.


Easy dealings, and they are professionals and experts in their own field.

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