Logo plates and branding stickers

High-quality finish for your product's visual identity.

Logo Plates and Branding Stickers

Logo plates and branding stickers are essential details that complete the visual identity of your product, giving it a professional and thought-out impression. We provide logo plates and branding stickers that are easy to use and function like adhesive labels, featuring high-quality adhesive backing. Depending on your needs, we can supply these products in either sheets or rolls.
Our logo plates are crafted with precision, and you can choose the adhesive type to suit the intended application, ensuring that your logo plate remains securely in place even in demanding conditions. We can create logo plates with various accent colors, such as mirror or metallic finishes, as well as glossy or matte surfaces, ensuring they align perfectly with your branding's image and requirements.
logokilvet täytekuva

Why Choose Our Logo Plates and Branding Stickers?

Because we take pride in our extensive experience in the field. Since 1992, we have been supporting our customers, and we are known for our flexibility, quality, and reliability.
All the work related to logo plates is carried out at our factory in Turku.

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