Printing Services for Industry

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Industrial Printing Services

Industrial printing services encompass various methods and services that are essential for a wide range of industries. Here is an overview of industrial printing services and their applications in different sectors.
Screen Printing: Screen printing, also known as silk-screen printing, and die-cutting methods, as well as sheet-to-roll and roll-to-roll manufacturing methods, are effective ways to produce a variety of products and materials.
Silk Printing: Silk printing is a method in which color is transferred to a printable surface using patterned silk or nylon fabric, called serigraphy. It is a respected and useful method still in use in many industrial applications, providing high-quality and aesthetic patterns, as well as versatile applications.
Laser Cutting: Laser cutting is a precise and efficient method for cutting various materials into specific shapes and sizes. This service can be provided in industrial applications, such as precision component manufacturing.
Die Cutting: Die cutting is a method in which materials are cut into specific shapes or patterns using die-cutting tools and pressure. This method allows for automation and highly cost-effective production in large production batches.
Engraving: We offer high-quality engraving services, including durable equipment plates made from two-colored acrylic. These are often used in the manufacturing of device control panels, information panels, signs, and similar products. High-quality engraving provides a professional and stylish finish.

Our products, such as industrial printing products, plastic and insulation films, and electronic composite structures, can be offered to various industries.

Design Services

Membrane Switch Design: Membrane switches are often used in electronic devices such as control panels and keyboards. We assist our clients in the technical design of membrane switches and, if needed, in drawing technical illustrations.
Technical Design: Technical design, including creating technical drawings, is a crucial part of many engineering and manufacturing projects. We assist our clients in technical design, optimizing productivity and, if necessary, drawing technical illustrations.

Manufacturing Service

In the manufacturing phase, raw materials and components are transformed into finished products. Quality control is performed at every stage of manufacturing to ensure that the products meet quality requirements.

Prototyping and Small-Batch Manufacturing Service

Prototyping and small-batch manufacturing services are crucial stages in product development. Prototypes are needed for testing new products or components before moving on to large-scale production.
The prototyping and small-batch manufacturing service includes:
  • Prototyping and small-batch manufacturing
  • Material selection in collaboration with the customer
  • Manufacturing process optimization services
  • Quality assurance
  • Cost estimation and scheduling

Inventory and Home Call Service for Regular Customers

Our inventory and home call service for regular customers is a business model that offers several advantages to regular customers, such as a fast-ordering process, effortless inventory management, and reliable deliveries.
Pharmaceutical Industry icon
Pharmaceutical Industry
We deeply understand the importance of providing products to the pharmaceutical industry. We pay special attention to key aspects from the early stages of design, such as quality, reliability, durability, material qualities, and traceability.
Printed electronics enable new innovations and improvements in the field of medicine. For example, diagnostic devices benefit from printed electronics. Additionally, medical sensors can leverage printed electronics to create compact and efficient measuring devices.
Electronics Industry ikoni
Electronics Industry
Industrial printing products and electronic composite structures are essential in electronics manufacturing, including printed circuit boards (PCBs), displays, and other electronic components.
1. Markings on Screen-Printed Components: We provide precise and durable screen printing on electronic equipment components such as PCBs, displays, buttons, and switches. These markings can include item numbers, logos, instructions, and other necessary information, making product identification and tracking easier.
Autoteollisuus ikoni
Automotive Industry
Industrial printing products play a vital role in the automotive industry, offering various ways to improve a car's functionality, visual appeal, safety, and branding recognition.
Membrane Switches, also known as membrane keyboards or membrane keypads, are small electronic switches used in various automotive applications. They can control functions such as in-car entertainment, climate control, and navigation systems. Membrane switches are favored for their thinness, durability, and reliability.
Puolustusvälineteollisuus ikoni
Defense Industry
Industrial printing products and custom-cut specialty tapes and labels play a significant role in the defense industry, offering solutions and advantages for various military applications.
Communication and Control Systems: Industrial printing products can be part of military communication and control systems, including buttons, displays, and labels, facilitating efficient communication and control.
Construction Industry icon
Construction Industry
Industrial printing products, custom-cut adhesives, and labels are essential in the construction industry, offering multiple opportunities to enhance the efficiency, communication, safety, and visual identity of construction projects.
Signs and Labels: Industrial printing products can create clear and informative signs and labels at construction sites. These may include safety instructions, exit routes, site maps, and warning signs.
Packaging Industry icon
Packaging Industry
Industrial printing products are significant in the packaging industry and offer numerous ways to enhance the functionality, visual appeal, brandinging, and consumer experience of packaging.
Here are some examples of how industrial printing products can be utilized in the packaging industry:
Sports Equipment Industry icom
Sports Equipment Industry
Printed electronics can provide invaluable information during training that can be transmitted to coaches and medical professionals for the analysis of vital signs, parameters, and indicators essential for performance assessment.
At the same time, it enables precise monitoring and evaluation of users' physical condition during exercise. Printed electronics are not limited to this application but also have other areas of use, such as temperature and pressure sensors in clothing and shoes.