Insulating Boards, Films, and Protections

High-quality solutions for protecting electronic devices.

A Wide Range of Insulation Products for Various Needs

The protection and bonding of components in electronic devices have become increasingly important as devices shrink and technology advances.
We offer insulating boards, films, and protective products that help eliminate harmful interference and prevent electrical breakthroughs. With our precision cutting and converting machines, we can cut protective and insulating films accurately and with high quality.
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Examples of our custom-cut products, made from rubber, foil, or plastic, include:
Touch Guards icon
Touch Guards
Protective films that prevent unintentional contact with components or connections, increasing device safety and reliability.
Rubber and Foam Cushions icon
Rubber and Foam Cushions
Soft, shock-absorbing cushions that protect sensitive electronic components from impacts and vibrations. A typical example is cushioning made from poron material for vibration dampening in batteries.
Insulation Boards icon
Insulation Boards
Insulation boards for protecting electrical devices. Materials and thicknesses are chosen according to the customer's needs.
Washers icon
Practical and precisely cut washers for various fastening needs.
Insulation Films icon
Insulation Films
High-quality insulation films that protect electronic components from moisture, dust, and other environmental effects.
Seals icon
Precisely manufactured seals that prevent leaks and provide protection against moisture and other external factors.

There are numerous applications

The majority of the insulating films and boards we supply are used in the electronics industry. As electronic devices continue to shrink in size, the importance of insulation products grows, as protecting components and ensuring proper insulation are crucial for device performance and durability.
Our customers are experts in their own electronics, and they are intimately familiar with their insulation product needs. At Screen House, we are ready to assist and provide the best protective solutions tailored to our customers' requirements. We manufacture various custom insulation and protection products, so you can trust that you'll get exactly what you need.

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