Combination and specialty products

We cannot fit all the possible alternatives in the product descriptions, so do not hesitate to ask us about combination and specialty products.

Our customers may have many kinds of needs that can be solved by combining different techniques or by using special materials, colours and techniques.

Different printing, cutting, laminating and stamping techniques, for example, can be combined without limitation. Products can be manufacture with a matt or glossy surface, as needs and circumstances dictate.

They can also have different apertures, windows and embossed patters, as required.

Specialised pre-cutting and stamping

Our machines can pre-cut and stamp other materials besides polycarbonate and polyester.

We cut, among other things:

  • rubber seals
  • one- and double-sided tapes
  • board/cardboard
  • numerous other materials

Effects and special colours

In addition to ordinary colours, we also offer many special colours, some with functional value for use.

A special colour can be, for example:

  • electrically conductive
  • electrically insulating
  • post-reflective
  • a metallic or chrome colour

A printing ink can be made electrically conductive by using silver paste, for instance. We can also provide colours that insulate electricity.

Post-reflective colours absorb light and glow in the dark. These are used, e.g., in products designed for varying lighting conditions and for marking emergency exits.

Metallic colours as well as surfaces and symbols resembling mirrors and metals, implemented with chrome colours, are other common special wishes we can easily fulfil.

Specific specialty products

We can manufacture almost anything our customers need from different materials by cutting, stamping, printing and shaping. For instance, we have manufactured test strips for the pharmaceutical industry, and many kinds of seals for a multitude of applications.

Please do not hesitate to ask us a question

Even if what you need cannot be found on these pages, you should ask us about it anyway! We do our best to serve our customers as flexibly and diversely as possible, and we have extensive, diversified experience of a great variety of assignments.

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