Combination and specialty products

Many of our customers have specific requirements and product applications for which Screen House can provide customer specific manufacturing process. Usually, it is carried out by combining several of our manufacturing processes.

For example, the customer may need a display panel that has a display area, graphical decoration, LED lights, touch buttons and backlighting. The panel has to be thin and include a flex cable for connecting the panel to the customer’s circuit board.

Processes that are used to build a panel like described above, would typically be the following:

  1. Graphical decoration – carried out by screen printing or digital inkjet printing
  2. Capacitive touch surface (screen printed)
  3. Backlighting (light diffusor produced with laser cutting and adhesives)
  4. LED lights and electrical circuitry (implemented with printed electrical circuits and mounting SMD’s with conductive epoxy)
  5. Back side adhesive and flex cables for attaching the panel to the customer’s application (laser cutting, screen printing)
  6. Assembling all parts together and testing the functionality

A simpler example of combination products are gaskets that might have adhesive on one side or both sides or no adhesive at all, cut to a specific shape. Another example are lens products that often have multiple of layers of materials that are combined together.

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