Screen House Oy is a leading Finnish company specializing in industrial printing and composite plastic, insulating and electrical composite films. Our special expertise includes: efficient screen printing and stamping processes, sheet to roll and roll to roll. In addition, we offer eg. laser cutting and laser engraving and slitting, as well as laminating services.

Screen printing


With our screen printing equipment we can screen print graphics on a variety of materials. The range of colors is comprehensive and we can also customize colors. The screen printing can also be used to screen print special colors and eg. conductive colors. Our equipment succeeds in projects from small series to mass production, accurately and quickly.

Digital printing


Digital printing is intended for the production of prototypes and small and medium-sized series. Digital printing offers new opportunities for graphic design, as the number of colors does not affect the price of the product, as is the case with screen printing products. Various gradients, color effects and hue images can be executed at resolutions up to 1440 x 1200 dpi.

Laser cutting


Our laser cutting machines are suitable for plastic membranes and sheets up to a thickness of 10 mm, the working area is max. 1230 x 1330 mm and mechanical precision 0.1 mm. Complemented with a camera focus system, the laser often replaces punching tools.

Die cutting


For larger volumes and production lines, these die cutting machines are used to cut surface films, logo shields, single and double sided tapes, also from roll to roll. Shape accuracy +/- 0.10 mm. Surface, IMD / IML, and insulating membranes are embossed to the desired shape with custom-made tools, if necessary with the aid of heat, so that the molded part retains its shape better.