Membrane switches and panels

A traditional membrane switch panel consists of polycarbonate or polyester foils that have been screen printed, metal domes, circuit layer foils, spacers and adhesive layers and connectors for electrical connectivity.

Today membrane switch panels have become a combination of membrane switches, displays and touchscreens and possibly other features e.g., glass-like decorative acrylic panels or lightning effects. User interface design is an increasingly important part of industrial design and an increasing amount of  functionality is being integrated in operating panels. 

We are constantly working on to find new ways to combine manufacturing technologies and new materials and lighting technologies in order to meet new requirements.

Membrane panel characteristics and strengths:
  • Panel structure is thin
  • Long life span
  • Well protected against spills, dust, wear and tear
  • Freedom of design
  • Chemical resistance
  • Ease of installation
  • Possibility to add EMC or EMI protection layer
  • Possibility to add antiviral or antibacterial protection surface 
Things to consider when designing a membrane panel:
  • Materials (Operating conditions, heat, UV, wear and tear resistance)
  • Surface effects (Glossy, anti-glare, matte, surface hardness, lacquored or not, etc)
  • Touchscreen or display?
  • Electrical functionality and partitioning (membrane vs. on-board)
  • Lighting (LEDs, diffusor, EL-lighting, backlight)
  • Connectors and flex cables
  • Thickness and adhesive 

Other applications

Membrane switches are used as ON / OFF -switches or control buttons in DC- and low voltage applications. For example, it fits well for LED -lighting products or solutions providing seamless flexibility and limitless customization and color alternatives.

Why should you buy membranes from us?

We have been operating in this industry since 1992, so we know precisely what we do. We are repeatedly commended especially for our flexibility, high quality and delivery reliability. We often support our customers already in the prototype and design phase. All work related to the membrane switches and operating and front panels we deliver is done in Finland.


Narvi control panel

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