Logo labels and brand stickers

Labels and brand stickers are an essential part of companies’ branding and visual look of their products. Logo labels can also be part of the touch and feel of the product. For these reasons, a good design and right materials are needed when designing a logo label. Here are a few aspects to consider when designing a logo label:

  • Foil material: What is the application and what are the conditions it is used at? What are the requirements for the surface? Does it need to be UV tolerant etc.
  • Thickness: Is the label meant for a handheld device? Is the touch and feel of the surface important for the design?
  • Graphics: How many colors? Any special colours required? Printed on the front or back side?
  • Adhesive: What surface material will the logo label be adhered to? Should the adhesive have a colour?

All colours and shapes are possible

A logo label can be of any shape, size and colour whatsoever. It can be embossed or come with effect colours, such as mirror or metallic colours. A logo label can have either a glossy or matt surface.

logokyltit ja bränditarrat, logo labels and brand stickers

Why should you buy logo labels from us?

We have been operating in this industry since 1992, so we know precisely what we do. We are repeatedly commended especially for our flexibility, high quality and delivery reliability. We often support our customers already in the prototype and design phase. All work related to the logo labels we deliver is done in Finland.

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