Insulation plates, gaskets and protectors

Custom made gaskets, insulation plates, seals, protection stickers and rubber pads can be made exactly according to the customer’s demands. Should the customer need special materials cut in a shape for variety of applications, we offer laser cutting and die-cutting services. We have precision cut capabilities for mid-size insulation products of CR/NBR or other rubber sheet materials and mass volume roll-to-roll die cut capabilities for gasket and adhesive products with small dimensions (less than 100 mm) .

Our in-house developed production process includes the capability to add adhesives to gaskets, fingerlifts to liners and provide the products on rolls suitable for automated assembly for our customers. We offer services for projects from prototype and product development to mass production. We have a good manufacturing capacity and tried and tested production lines. 

Examples of custom and pre-cut products:

  • shrouds
  • washers
  • rubber pads
  • insulation plates
  • insulation membranes
  • seals
  • isolation plates and stickers
  • Kapton tapes


Application examples 

Insulation is needed, for example, in transformers to insulate winding and in the gaps between different components. Kapton tapes are required on application boards for isolate. These applications typically require high heat tolerance. Portable devices often need flexible foam sticker to hold batteries and to dampen vibration.

Flame classification and anti-static treatment

Protection can be enhanced with anti-static treatment and/or the material selected can be a plastic membrane with a flame retardant classification.

Our customer is usually the best expert on their own electronics equipment and familiar with their requirements. Meanwhile, we at Screen House can help customers choose the best protection products and manufacture, as tailor-made products, precisely what they need.

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