Insulation plates, membranes and protectors

As electronic devices decrease in size, protecting and sticking components on circuit boards becomes increasingly more significant.

We have stamping and conversion machinery that can cut protection and insulation membranes used to eliminate voltage shifts and electrical breakdown. We also have a comprehensive range of other protection products that our customers need.

Examples of pre-cut products made from rubber, foil or plastic include:

  • shrouds
  • washers
  • rubber pads
  • insulation plates
  • insulation membranes
  • seals

A high number of applications

Insulation is needed, for example, in transformers to insulate winding and in gaps between different components. Even in places where two different surfaces, such as metal and wood, meet, insulation is usually needed between them.

Portaple devices often need bumber sticker to hold battery in place and to dampen the shake.

The majority of the insulation membranes and plates we deliver is used by the electronics industry. As devices decrease in size, the significance of insulation increases year after year.

Insulation plates and -sealings can also be added glue surface.

Flame classification and anti-static treatment

Protection can be enhanced with anti-static treatment, and/or the material selected can be a plastic membrane with a V-2 or V-0 flame classification. Self-extinguishing types with a certain flame classification are often preferred in use for insulation.

Our customer is usually the best expert on their own electronics equipment and familiar with these requirements. Meanwhile, we at Screen House can help customers choose the best protection products and manufacture, as tailor-made products, precisely what they need.

Why should you buy protection products from us?

We have been operating in this industry since 1992, so we know precisely what we do. We are repeatedly praised especially for our flexibility, high quality and delivery reliability. We often support our customers already in the prototype and design phase. All work related to the production products we deliver is done in Finland.

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