IMD and IML membranes

IMD and IML membranes can be used for hot oil printing or lamination of images on geometrically complicated pieces.

IMD is an abbreviation of the English words “In-mould decoration”, whereas IML comes from the words “In-mould labeling”. In these methods, a screen printed (and, if required, pre-moulded) membrane is fastened to a injection moulded plastic product during manufacture.

The end result is a plastic product with graphics or, perhaps, a hardened surface with lenses, without any seams from a label or printing patterns.

What happens during an in-mould process?

In a typical in-mould process, a membrane is placed at the bottom of a mould before die-casting. When molten plastic is run to the mould during injection moulding, the plastic membrane and the piece are seamlessly fastened to each other, thanks to the heat.

Colour printed on the interior surface of the transparent membrane is protected underneath the membrane surface, so the colours and patterns printed in the membrane in the end product are extremely resistant to mechanical and chemical stress.

Since the membrane is embedded as part of the plastic product, the end product does not have any kinds of seams, either.

What applications do IMD and IML membranes have?

The IMD and IML techniques are utilised in many different fields of industry. Typical applications can be found in, e.g., the food, make-up and toy industries.

Elements related to packaging design are extremely important for foodstuffs and make-up products. The IMD and IML method can be used to implement highly challenging patterns, so they become an inseparable part of the final packaging.

Convex and geometrically atypical shapes are commonly used in toys and different utility items, so using the IML technique to fasten images is usually easier than by using glue, for instance.

Why should you buy IMD and IML membranes from us?

We have been operating in this industry since 1992, so we know precisely what we do. We are repeatedly praised especially for our flexibility, high quality and delivery reliability. We often support our customers already in the prototype and design phase. All work related to the IMD and IML membranes we manufacture is done in Finland.

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