IMD and IML membranes

IMD and IML membranes can be used to attach graphics to geometrically complex pieces. Screen House Oy collaborates with injection moulding vendors to offer full service for injection moulded parts that have IMD or IML surface decoration. Screen House offers the screen printed and formed foils. An injection mould company (a company either selected by the customer or one of the Screen House’s partners) uses the foils in its moulding process to produce the final product.

IMD and IML -methods

IMD is an abbreviation of the English words “In-mould decoration”, whereas IML comes from the words “In-mould labeling”. In these methods, a screen printed (and, if required, formed) membrane is inserted into the mould before injecting plastic in the mould during the manufacturing process. The end result is a plastic product with graphics or, perhaps, a hardened surface with lenses, seamlessly attached together.

Screen House’s printing and forming processes can be used for producing 3D formed printed foils, too. The size of the product that can be produced depends on the form and foil material that is used.

Why should you buy IMD and IML membranes from us?

We have been operating in this industry since 1992, so we know precisely what we do. We are repeatedly praised especially for our flexibility, high quality and delivery reliability. We often support our customers already in the prototype and design phase. All work related to the IMD and IML membranes we manufacture is done in Finland.

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